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Apr 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
to determine if we're talking about a lone wolf actor or a down-sized al qaeda-inspired attack. >> ifill: don borrelli, you were on the new york city joint terrorism task force and we now know that there are maybe 2,000 tips or more coming into the boston police department and the f.b.i. is helpful? is it a lot to get through? >> it's both. we've seen in context of the medical teams talking about the word triage, where they had to triage the wounded individuals. this is the theory going on now with the f.b.i. they're getting thousands of leads from citizens from informants, from our partners overseas, from everywhere and they've got to prioritize those leads and triage them and work the most positive ones first and the ones that are potentially perishable. >> ifill: we have been watching, juan zuarte, investigators literally combing the streets on their hands and knees, picking up every little thing. if it rains tonight as the reporter with burr is saying, does that impede the investigation? >> it will a bit. the crime scene is outside. the wind and the rain and the elements no doubt will hav
Apr 16, 2013 5:30pm EDT
. >> on the 9/11 commission we were very aware and sensitive about overseas attacks from al qaeda or a domestic group. first, it is trying to make sure the resources are allocated right. secondly, it is to get unity of command and unity of effort. thirdly, it is to tell the fbi that they cannot just be concerned about criminal justice and law enforcement. they have to prioritize national security. fourth, they have to be proactive in disrupting plots. fifth, we need new technology. we are seeing cameras and local communities, sensors. we will probably seek a fierce debate in the united states about commercial drones and how active those can be, and trying to make sure civil liberties and protections for our civil liberties and civil rights are set up so that we can use them or may not be able to use them. >> that, of course, is always a balance. what is the time frame you are looking at now? >> 50 forensics is under way. the search for seized -- the forensics is under way. the search for cc tv is under way. it could take a long, long time, especially if someone has made it out of the country or
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2